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Kirim Barang Besar Sampai 20KG

Deliver Package up to 20KG? Yes We Can!

Yuk, kenalan dengan layanan terbaru PaxelBig, untuk pengantaran paketmu yang berat sampai 20KG dengan layanan Sameday Delivery.

Great news, Paxel just launched its latest service PaxelBig, to deliver you packages weighing up to 20KG and still with Sameday delivery.

In the first phase, corporate clients can enjoy this service by registering at https://bit.ly/PaxelBigForm. But in the future, our retail customers and all of you will definitely can enjoy this service. 

Do not hesitate to send your package with PaxelBig, because:

  • Package will be picked up and delivered to the destination safely
  • Easier delivery process and easily tracked
  • Competitive price, start from Rp 30.000 with package dimension size up to 50cm* dan weight up to 20KG
  • Free insurance up to Rp 1.000.000
  • Ready to deliver your package same day / next day, intra and inter city, collaborated with Bluebird Group

*For packages more than 50cm, please contact PaxelBig first.

PaxelBig coverage area include:

  • Jabodetabek
  • Bandung
  • Yogyakarta
  • Semarang
  • Denpasar

PaxelBig haven’t reach your city? Please be patient, Paxel is in preparation to open new routes, so many other Sahabat Paxel in other cities can enjoy the service.

With PaxelBig, Paxel aims to be the total solution for your delivery needs. So, what are you waiting for? Register your brand or read the details about the service through this link https://paxel.app.link/PaxelBig

*Terms and conditions applied