Paxelco as Representatives

#AntarkanKebaikan in helping the growth of local SMEs

Delivering and operating daily operations with our SOP

Managing human resources through recruitment, development, and business retention

Paxelco Concept

Work as Paxel representative in delivering the utmost service according to Paxel’s value and take responsibility in the respected area:
  • Maintaining SLA operations performance
  • Business development
  • Managing quality of each functions
  • Managing P&L
  • Managing human resources’ recruitment, development, and retention
  • Provide a healthy working environment
These are the complete details and information on Mitra Paxelco
Partnership Concept

Paxelco Partnership Flow

Complete Partnership Form

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Administrative Selection

ID Card, Company NPWP, Company Legal Certificate, SIUP dan TDP

Selection and Presentation

Financial and commercial aspects


MOU agreement process with Paxel

Decree of Appointment

Official legitimate appoint by Paxel

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