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Support your business to grow faster than regular shipment. Join with us to earn 4x faster ROI of your business.

Paxel as your partner

Sameday deliver
intra and inter city

Wide coverage from Jawa to Makassar

Suitable for F&B also frozen goods

Paxel Home have Chiller and Freezer facilities to help maintain quality of your package.

Simple ways to create shipment

You can use API integration, corporate dashboard or using Paxel application.

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We are committed to provide the best service and support for your shipping problems. Our Sameday Service covers Java, Bali, Makassar, and continuously expanding to the suburban area. Just sit back and relax, your package will be delivered to your doorstep. With freezers and chillers at our Paxel Homes, we are now able to serve groceries, refrigerated and frozen food of your choice.


Support consumers to have control in package delivery which can increase sales and business growth / business


Create a broader market and collaborate with Paxel on online and offline channels


PaxelBox is a storage facility for your luggage or safe deposit while your Package is efficient, safe and easy to use using only the QR Code


Paxel collaborates with non-profit foundations in Indonesia to bring #AntarkanKebaikan together, because this mission belongs to anyone who wants to participate

Mitra PaxelCo

PaxelCo is Paxel's partner in managing the specified operational areas and is responsible for:

  1. #AntarkanKebaikan in helping the growth of SME businesses
  2. Provide services and run daily operations with standards that have been set
  3. Managing HR which includes recruitment, development and retention

PaxelBox Locker

Efficient, Convenient, Safe

Paxel Lockers are efficient storage platform. It is easy to use with just using a QR code to collect your package. Available 24/7 , your package is keep safe until your collection. The lockers are conveniently located near pathway or lobby and visible for tenants, couriers and merchants as well.

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