Privacy Policy

Data Security Policy

The Privacy Policy designed by PAXEL in accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia Number 4 of 2016 on Information Security Management System regulates Management, Collection, Utilization, Displays of Personal Data of Account Owner, Sender and Receiver (hereinafter referred to as User) .

Scope of Policy

The scope of this Policy covers User's Personal Data, namely:

  1. Full Name
  2. Sender’s Address
  3. Email address
  4. Telephone number

How Does PAXEL Obtain Personal Data ?

PAXEL receives Personal Data through applications downloaded by Users. PAXEL can directly contact users by phone, text message or email to ask for additional information required to deliver goods/packages to Users. In this case, Users are deemed to have agreed to the terms of this policy.

Information Required by PAXEL from Account Owner?

In the connection process, each user connected to the PAXEL application shall send the Personal Data that PAXEL needs to ensure that the Users act in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia Number 4 of 2016 on Information Security Management System. Important matters that PAXEL requires are as follows:

  1. Users’ approvals before collecting, using or displaying Personal Data;
  2. Assurance that the collected Personal Data is accurate and complete so that the delivery can be successfully and punctually made for the benefits of the Users.

How Does PAXEL Use Users’ Personal Data?

PAXEL uses Users' Personal Data in order to provide satisfying services, to ensure successful and timely delivery, and to increase service quality. Users’ Personal Data are required:

  1. to manage the operation and administration of PAXEL and to comply with PAXEL's internal policies and procedures;
  2. to carry out delivery services for Users;
  3. to tract and to analyze deliver to Users;
  4. to notify Users of current statuses of their orders or deliveries of Goods in detail (smart tracking) and to update information about the development of that status.;
  5. to respond to and to handle any inquiries and requests from users;
  6. to conduct investigations in relation to disputes, billing, or fraud , loss and damage to the Goods;
  7. to handle goods delivery-related complaints, problems, or disputes in accordance with the value of PAXEL prioritizing Proactive Customer;
  8. to provide facilities for correspondences between Senders and Receivers;
  9. to provide sufficient media to receive notifications and responses from Users;
  10. to conduct analyses which will enable PAXEL to better understand and comprehend locations, choices, and Users’ demography to improve the delivery of goods/ packages;
  11. to conduct evaluations in relation to production addition and development of information services, promotional services, and other businesses run by PAXEL;
  12. to process insurance payments and claims that may arise from Goods/ Package to the insurer;
  13. to disclose personal data as long as required by the prevailing legislation;
  14. to fulfill or to comply with all laws, regulations, rules, codes of conduct and guidelines applicable in Indonesia and binding PAXEL; and
  15. to be used for certain intentions and purposes related marketing and promo of additional product from Paxel by first contacting Customers for approvals via posts, email, SMS, phone or other electronic devices;
  16. to be used for any purpose and objective related to the abovementioned matters.

How Are Personal Data of Users Protected from Illegal Disclosure?

PAXEL applies maximum protection for Data Personal of Users. PAXEL shall not disclose any Personal Data of User to any third party unless it is required for legitimate businesses in line with the same purposes and objectives mentioned above:

  1. PAXEL’s branches, affiliates, and employees provide services and perform their obligations to Users
  2. Agents, contractors or third party service providers that provide operational services and assistances to support fulfillment and implementation of PAXEL’s services and obligation to users without any prejudice to the regulations and confidentiality agreements entered into by PAXEL and a third party in relation to those matters.
  3. PAXEL’s professional consultants and advisors such as attorneys, auditors, and the document holders.
  4. Related legal entities, legal institutions or law enforcement agencies that complies with applicable law; and
  5. Other parties to whom the Users give their consents for disclosure of their personal data.

When Users’ Personal Data is disclosed to third parties as mentioned above, PAXEL shall ensure that the relevant third parties act in accordance with the policies and other requirements.
In addition, PAXEL applies stringent security standards in its operations to prevent any leakage, loss, damage or unauthorized duplication of Users' Personal Data and our systems.

Contact PAXEL

PAXEL can only ensure full data protection with the help of Users. Therefore, PAXEL expects that Users contact Customer Empathy whenever necessary to ask or to provide suggestions regarding the use, processing and protection of Users’ Personal Data. PAXEL will be pleased if users contact the Customer Empathy when they need the following matters:

  1. Accessing Users’ Personal Data in our system.
  2. Correcting or changing Users’ Personal Data in our system.
  3. Reporting the unauthorized use of Users’ Personal Data by PAXEL or any other party.
  4. Providing criticism and suggestions for the Sender who disclose User's Personal Data without any consent; or
  5. Notifying other needs and questions related to Users’ Personal Data.
  • Please contact Customer Empathy at or WhatsApp PAXEL available on the official website of PAXEL.

Changes in Policy

PAXEL has the right to change this policy at any time, if necessary, based on applicable law and internal policy of PAXEL. The latest policy will always be available on the official website of PAXEL.

Governing Laws

Any disputes arising from the implementation of S&K and services provided, managed and determined by PAXEL between PAXEL and Account Owner shall be settled through deliberation for amicable settlement, except for any matters which is deemed necessary to be settled through a legal process.

Any dispute settlement which requires a legal process as mentioned above shall be submitted to the District Court of East Jakarta. 

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