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About Instant Delivery Paxel

Paxel Instant Delivery is a collaboration between Paxel and GoSend to serve and reach customers in Paxel coverage areas, especially for delivery within the city.

  • Order Instant Delivery can be done through the Paxel apps and
  • Instant delivery is done directly by courier from GoSend, not Hero Paxel.
  • Instant delivery is carried out by 1 GoSend courier in the entire delivery process.
  • Instant Delivery has an estimated arrival time of 2 – 4 Hours.
  • Instant delivery has a distance limit of 40 km from the sending point to the receiving point.
  • Instant Delivery has a maximum weight of 20 kg.
  • Instant Delivery is currently available in major cities in all Paxel coverage areas.
  • Instant Delivery only applies to shipment within the city.
  • Shipments outside the Paxel coverage area and more than 40 km away will receive an "out of service area" statement.
  • Customers immediately get detailed GoSend courier information (Courier Name & Phone Number) when Instant Delivery has been picked up by GoSend couriers.
  • Customers can directly contact the GoSend courier with detailed information listed on the Paxel apps and
  • Customers can track Instant Delivery through the “Live Tracking” feature directly on the Paxel apps and on the delivery details page (My transaction).
  • The auto-refund feature for Instant Delivery is the same as Sameday Delivery, which is when the cancellation is made before the package is picked up by the GoSend Courier.
  • Instant Delivery does not apply auto-refund on late deliveries to their destination.
  • In Instant Delivery, the Paxel application will continue to search for GoSend couriers every 2 minutes until they find GoSend couriers.
  • If within 1 hour Instant Delivery does not get a GoSend courier, Instant Delivery is automatically considered canceled and the customer will get an auto-refund.
  • Instant Delivery does not provide proof of delivery in digital or physical form, GoSend will only provide the name of the recipient of the package which can be seen in the delivery details.

Constraints Regarding Instant Delivery

  • For packages that are constrained, GoSend Courier will try to contact "Sender" and "Recipient"
  • GoSend Courier will try to resend the package to “Sender” or “Recipient”. No additional fees.
  • The resend process will be carried out until the next day and the delivery status will be “Rejected” or “Ditolak”.
  • In the "Rejected" or "Ditolak" delivery status, the shipment is considered complete and the shipping fee is non-refundable.

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