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How do I input my package pick-up or delivery address?

How to enter the package pick-up and delivery address in the Paxel application version 2.3 and above is as follows:

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  1. Tap the Find your pick-up/destination location box to enter and search for the address you want
  2. In addition to manually entering the address according to the map, you can also use the address you have saved via the Saved Address button
  3. Make sure the address you are looking for is appropriate or near your destination
  4. Then all the address fields will be filled in completely
  5. You can edit if there are still addresses, cities/districts, villages to sub-districts that didn't match your correct address
  6. You can also save the address that you have entered by tapping the Save this address button to facilitate your next delivery
  7. When finished with the address, enter your name, telephone number and details or benchmark your destination address.
  8. Done, you have successfully filled in the address
Edit dan lengkapi alamat, Kota/Kabupaten, Kelurahan hingga Kecamatan

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