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How to cancel my PaxelRecycle shipment?

You can cancel your waste shipment before the Hero (Paxel courier) is on its way to pick up your package. Here's how to cancel a shipment:

  1. Open the Paxel app here
  2. Select the My Transactions menu, All Transactions/Shipments from me/Shipments for me/Other shipments, then click your active shipment.
  3. On the shipment details page, click the more icon (three dots) in the upper right corner, then select Cancel Shipment
  4. Select Cancellation Confirmation, then enter the reason for cancellation, then click Cancel.
  5. Click Confirm for final confirmation.


  • Canceled shipments will be entered into the History page
  • Packages canceled by the sender will not be picked up by the Hero, and the Paxel balance will be returned automatically

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