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How to create a PaxelAmplop shipment?

  1. Download Paxel app via Google play store/App store
  2. Select the PaxelAmplop menu on the home page
  3. Enter the address of the delivery location by typing the address on the map, and make sure the tags on the map match the delivery location. Add more detailed information for the shipping address in the "Location Details" section.
  4. Enter the recipient's name and phone number, you can also add a special note about shipping in the shipping instructions section
  5. Enter the pickup location address by typing the address on the map, please make sure the tag on the map matches the pickup location. Additional more complete information for the pickup address is in the "Location Details" section.
  6. Make sure the sender's name and phone number are correct. You can also use the Dropshipper feature by entering the name and phone number of the Dropshipper as sender data.
  7. Make sure your package fits into an A4 envelope with a max size of 30x22 cm and a max weight of 1.5kg. You can use any envelope with a maximum envelope size of A4
  8. Select the type of goods you want to send in the "Item Details" section
  9. Don't forget to check the "Fragile Item" box in the "Item Details" section when you send glassware
  10. If you need additional insurance, you check the "Additional Insurance" box in the "Package Details" section and enter the nominal price for your package. The maximum price of goods that can be insured for the PaxelAmlop service is IDR 500.000. With additional insurance, Paxel will provide maximum protection of up to IDR 1.000.000
  11. Choose the estimated pickup schedule according to your convenience. You can choose a pickup schedule up to 5 days ahead. Make sure you pay attention to the estimated arrival schedule for your package according to the pickup schedule you choose
  12. If you want to make a donation, you can click on the "Add Donation" section.
  13. Check payment details on the "Details" button at the bottom of the New Shipping page
  14. Double-check all shipping data before you click the Pay Now button to make sure all data, package types & arrival schedules are correct and appropriate
  15. If you have a promo code, you can enter it in the "Cheaper with promo?"
  16. Select the payment method you will use to send your package then click "Pay Now"

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