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Term and Condition

1. This promo is valid for delivery by using Paxel Application, Paxel website at and/or at (hereinafter referred to as the "Paxel Order Channel”). Promos are given by Paxel in the form of vouchers.

2. The promo given by Paxel can be used by Customers to get discounted of Shipping Costs and to product purchase at Paxel Market.

3. Promo can be forfeited/canceled instantly if:

i. The customer made a mistake when entering the size of the Goods/Package.

ii. The customer cancels the order through Paxel Order Channel when the order has been successfully made by the Customer.

iii. Cancellations are made by the Paxel Market Seller due to product unavailability and or other reasons.

4. Promos that are forfeited/canceled as referred to in point 3 will reduce the voucher quota and Customers not be able to ask for any compensation in any form for the cancelation/forfeiture of the voucher.

5. This Term and Condition is referring to Paxel Term and Condition which can be accessed here and do not overlap and complement each other TnC's.

6. Further terms and conditions regarding this promo is Paxel's exclusivity rights. Paxel can make changes related to Promo at any time.

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