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Why my shipment can be undelivered?

Shipment can be undelivered due to:

  1. Incomplete or wrong address
  2. Wrong location tagging, example the actual address is Jl. Danau Ranau – Depok but it was selected Jl. Danau Ranau – Jakarta Pusat
  3. The recipient’s phone number is incorrect or can’t be contacted
  4. Empty house/office

To avoid undelivered package, please ensure several items below:

  1. Ensure you already fill in complete and correct delivery address
  2. You can add detail address information on the notes column available when you create the shipment
  3. Ensure recipient's phone number is correct and contactable
  4. You can add other person's name and phone number that can receive the package on "Additional Delivery Instruction"
  5. Inform the recipients that his/her package already sent by Paxel and ask them to install Paxel so they can track their package through the application

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