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Gotong Royong PPKM: Berdonasi Rp 1,000 Saat Kirim Paket lewat Paxel

Gotong Royong PPKM: Donate IDR 1,000 When Sending Packages!

Let's donate IDR 1,000 when sending packages to help them affected by COVID-19!

Starting from 3-20 July 2021 and extended until the end of July 2021, the Government has officially implemented the Emergency PPKM policy. The current spike in COVID-19 cases in Indonesia has affected many of our brothers and sisters, from health to the economy.

To help ease their burden, Paxel invites you to participate in the #AntarkanKebaikan mission in the form of PPKM Gotong Royong Donations which will later be given in the form of basic necessities, food ingredients, side dishes and foundations that are also affected.

PPKM Gotong Royong Donations are opened starting from Rp. 1,000 on the Add Donation menu or Add Donation while you make deliveries in the Paxel application.

Here are the easy steps:

  1. Make your delivery as usual
  2. Go to the Add Donation menu
  3. Choose PPKM Donation
  4. Enter the amount of the donation you want
  5. Donation starts from IDR 1,000
  6. Then click Donate and complete your submission

When the donations have been collected, Paxel will also donate with the same value to be given to our relatives affected by COVID-19.

Come on, the spirit of Gotong Royong Donating PPKM to help our brothers and sisters who need our help while sending packages from home and don't forget to take care of your health.

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