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Before deciding to delete their Account, the Account Owners must first read these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are part of Paxel’s Privacy Policy.

By requesting for Account deletion, the Account Owner is deemed to have read, acknowledged, understood and agreed to all contents of these Terms and Conditions and the Paxel’s Privacy Policy including any amendments thereof.

General Terms

  1. The Account Owners can delete their Account using the Delete Account feature on the Paxel Application. 
  2. Account owners who still have balance in their active Paxel Credit agree to zero the balance (Rp0,-) first before permanently deleting the Account or agree that the balance becomes zero due to the Account deletion.
  3. Account owners who still have current transactions cannot delete their Account.
  4. Users are required to answer several questions in the application in respect of the request for account deletion and are asked to take a selfie with their ID card / driver's license.
  5. Paxel guarantees the security of personal data of the Account owner required for administrative completeness in respect of the closure of Account. 
  6. Requests for Account deletion that have been processed are irrevocable, and Paxel reserves the right to refuse the request for account deletion with or without reasons.
  7. Users shall not make any transactions or activities on the Paxel Application while the account deletion request is being processed.
  8. The account deletion process will be carried out for a maximum of 2x24 hours working days.
  9. If there are transactions and activities on the Paxel Application while the Account deletion request is being processed, Paxel is entitled to refuse the Account deletion request and the User can conduct a review.
  10. If the user’s request for Account deletion is rejected since there are ongoing transactions on the Paxel Application, the User must first finish the ongoing transaction before re-requesting for account deletion. In the event that the account deletion request is rejected and there is no response from the User to follow up the process within a period of 14 (fourteen) days, the ongoing request cannot be processed, and the User must carry out the request process from the beginning through the Application. 
  11. Account deletion will cause deletion of user data, which cannot be returned at any request and for any reason.
  12. When the request for account deletion has been approved and deletion is carried out, Paxel has the right to keep the data for a retention period set by Paxel.
  13. As a consequence of Account deletion, the user cannot create an account again with the same data as before.
  14. Paxel will delete the Account after validating the Account and supporting documents provided by the User.
  15. After the Account is deleted by Paxel, the User will automatically log out and cannot log back in to the Paxel account. 
  16. These Account Deletion Terms and Conditions are an integral part of Paxel Terms and Conditions and Paxel Privacy Policy which can be changed by Paxel at any time without prior notice.
  17. By deleting their Account, the Users are declared to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of account deletion and Paxel Privacy Policy. 
  18. Paxel (including any of its affiliates, directors, commissioners, officers, and employees) assumes no responsibility for any losses suffered by Users as a result of the Account deletion.
  19. Paxel reserves the right at any time to make changes, additions, and/or updates to these Account Deletion Terms and Conditions. The validity of these terms and conditions refers to and is subject to the Paxel’s Terms and Conditions and Paxel’s Privacy Policy. 

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