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Paxel Sameday Delivery Kini Hadir di Makassar

Ready to Overcome Logistics Problems, Paxel, a Technology-Based Logistics Startup, Now Available in Makassar

Paxel memperluas jangkauan hingga ke Makassar untuk menjawab kebutuhan konsumen dan menjadi solusi atas permasalahan seputar pengiriman barang

Jakarta, April 1st 2020 - Paxel, the first technology based logistic startup that capable of providing sameday inter city and inter province delivery service with flat tariff, officially launched today in Makassar. Paxel expand its coverage up to Makassar to answer consumer needs and become the solution of their package delivery. The presence of Paxel in Makassar also marks the first expansion of Paxel on the islands of Sulawesi and Eastern Indonesia. Previously, Paxel had served 700,000 users spread across the Greater Jakarta area, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Malang, Surabaya, Bali, and now Makassar.

"Paxel is changing the way logistics works in Indonesia by implementing relay delivery systems utilizing big data, artificial intelligence algorithms, and smart lockers that function as centers for sorting goods based on destination cities," said Zaldy Ilham Masita - COO of Paxel. Smart locker technology that has spread over 90 points is equipped with QR code access for courier partners or known as happiness hero. This technology can make shipping cost more efficient than conventional logistics.

Paxel technology enable city shipping rates for packages weighing up to 5 kg at a flat rate of IDR 10,000. Paxel also provides a money back guarantee if the courier is late when picking up goods and insurance in the event of loss or damage to the package up to IDR 10 million. In addition, consumers can also track the journey of packages sent using Paxel in real-time through the Paxel application.

The way Paxel works makes this logistic startup as the choice of many SMEs to develop their businesses, including culinary SMEs in Jakarta, Yogyakarta - Solo - Semarang, Surabaya to Bali. By providing freezers, chillers and cooler boxes, Paxel ensures the quality of every product sent by UKM, especially in the culinary field, is maintained in good condition to its destination.

(Watch how Paxel works through the video below).

Bryant Christanto as CEO of Paxel, said "Paxel has been proven to help many SMEs in Indonesia. By becoming Paxel's partners, SMEs can achieve return of investment faster, so their profits are better because they don't need to open branches but their products can still be sent and enjoyed out of town. After being successful on the islands of Java and Bali, Paxel is now present to open up the same opportunities for SMEs in Makassar. "

The results of Paxel Buy & Send Insights research, a survey conducted by Paxel together with Provetic research institute conducted on 535 online SME sellers in Indonesia, showed that the most considered factor in choosing a logistics service provider was speed of delivery. With PaxelMarket, Paxel makes it easy for Indonesian SMEs to sell online and helps consumers to find the product they are looking for.

At the moment Paxel also offers a 50% discount on shipping cost with the promo code MKS50 for shipments within the cities of Makassar, Jabodetabek-Makassar and vice versa. The Paxel application can be downloaded via Play Store or App Store.

Paxel joins to fight Corona.

Regarding the situation of Covid-19 epidemic, Paxel took the initiative to help health workers in Indonesia. Bryant Christanto explained, "In accordance with Paxel's main mission of #AntarkanKebaikan for many people, Paxel participated in handling the Covid-19 deployment by giving a donation of Rp 100 from each shipment. For every ten purchases at PaxelMarket, Paxel will donate a box of N95 masks to hospitals and health facilities handling Corona cases. Paxel is also currently working with Paskomnas, Carisayur.com, GoldenMom.id and BBC Seafood to distribute 10,000 portions of food to people in need. "

Smart logistic technology based with the use of the Internet of Things implemented by Paxel also became one of the ways to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. The relay system from courier to smart locker can help reduce physical contact between couriers and consumers. In addition, Paxel couriers are equipped with masks and gloves. Every Paxel smart locker is also equipped with a disinfectant.