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Kini hadir Fitur Jaminan Makanan Aman, kirim paket makanan lewat Paxel pasti aman!

Send Food More Comfortably With Food Safe Guarantee Feature

Now comes the Food Safe Guarantee Feature, sending food packages via Paxel is safe!

Along with the increase in online food shopping activities and the booming online culinary business during this pandemic, food delivery has also increased. Currently sending food has become a habit for most of the people both for individual and business purposes.

When sending food, especially out of town, there are often feelings of anxiety about the safety and quality of the food during the delivery process. However, you don't need to worry when sending food via Paxel because there is a Food Safe Guarantee feature to make food delivery easier.

Food Safe Guarantee is the latest feature from Paxel that ensures your food delivery can arrive safely to your destination. If the food you send arrives in a bad condition (damaged/stale) then your food will be replaced with the same or similar food including the delivery costs.

Effective April 17, 2021, you can use the Food Safe Guarantee feature when creating a food category package with an additional fee of only IDR 1,000. You can send info regarding your bank account number, proof of payment, or invoice when using this feature to be replaced with new food and sent directly to the recipient.

This feature can be used in the delivery of all types of food, from Frozen Food, Perishable Food, and Durable Food. It's optional, you are not required to use this feature when sending food packages.

In addition to special handling of food delivery, delivery of food packages between cities is now more convenient without having to worry about the Food Safe Guarantee feature available in the Paxel application. Most importantly, it is a must to always make sure the food you want to send can withstand 14 hours of outdoor temperature and is packaged safely and appropriately.