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Kirim Paket Dengan PaxelBig Selama Ramadhan Ada Potongan Ongkir 20K!

Send packages with PaxelBig during Ramadan, there is a discount of 20K!

Try PaxelBig service and get a shipping discount of 20K!

For #SahabatPaxel who wants to send packages weighing more than 5 Kg, you can use the PaxelBig service (a collaboration between Paxel and Blue Bird Group) which is now available on the Paxel application!

Now you can send packages weighing up to 20 kg and maximum dimensions of 50x50x50 cm easily and comfortably via Paxel application in the PaxelBig menu section.

Besides being easy and comfortable, you can enjoy PaxelBig services more economically during the month of Ramadan because there is a special Ramadan promo from PaxelBig and Blue Bird Group in the form of a 20K discount!

Get the promoo by sending packages using the PaxelBig service on 27 April-11 May 2021. This discount promo applies to #SahabatPaxel who is trying PaxelBig for the first time with a minimum fee of IDR 30,000.

You can get a discount after sending with the PaxelBig service which will be sent via the Inbox on the Paxel application after the promo period ends or on May 12, 2021. You can use this promo for the next PaxelBig service delivery which has a validity period until May 30, 2021.

Let's try PaxelBig right now to send large packages at economical rates starting from IDR 2,000/Kg (For shipments above 10 Kg) and additional Ramadhan Paxel promos are even more economical!