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Belanja di CARIMakan atau CARInih diantar oleh Paxel bisa sambil berdonasi kepada yang membutuhkan!

Shopping While Sharing in the Month of Ramadhan

Shop at CARI Makan or CARAnih and delivered by Paxel, can share with others at once!

The spirit of sharing in the month of Ramadhan, #SahabatPaxel!

This blessed holy month is the right moment for Muslims to compete to get a lot of reward by increasing the practice of the month of Ramadhan., one of which is by sharing with those in need.

Now you can share with others online through various platforms available on the internet. During the month of Ramadhan, from April 5 to May 12, 2021, you can shop for food or drinks online at CARIMakan or shop for various needs at CARInih while donating to those in need.

It's easy, you just need to shop as usual at CARIMakan or CARInih by sending Sameday using Paxel. Later, 10% of the total shipping costs collected during the campaign period (5 April-12 May 2021) will be donated to 200 street children in Jakarta and the Panti Rehabilitas Pondok Tetirah Dzikir in Yogyakarta.

CARIMakan and CARInih are online services that provide food and beverage needs as well as various family needs from various merchants.

Let's #AntarkanKebaikan in the month of Ramadhan by shopping while donating at Instagram account @carimakan_official and @carinih or via WhatsApp at number 0889-3838-889, send Sameday using Paxel with the FLAT delivery cost.

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