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Kirim Parcel Lebaran Dengan Paxel, Lebih Mudah, Aman, dan Nyaman

Send Eid Packages with Paxel, Easier, Safer, and Convenient

Send Eid parcel and other Ramadan needs intercity with Paxel which has many advantages

With the ongoing pandemic in Ramadhan this year, the Muslim community has not been able to celebrate the month of Ramadhan normally, one of which is not being able to carry out homecoming activities which is a tradition on Eid al-Fitr.

The homecoming tradition on Eid al-Fitr this year cannot be implemented because the government has issued a ban on going home and will take effect on May 6-17, 2021. Likewise, before and after that date, people are advised not to implement it. activities or trips outside the area, except in urgent circumstances.

With the elimination of the homecoming tradition this year, gathering with loved ones cannot even be done. However, you don't need to worry, you can still treat homesickness by making video calls with loved ones or sending Eid parcels and other Ramadhan needs out of town by relying on Paxel delivery services which have many advantages ranging from:

Can Send Sameday Packages Comfortably

Kirim paket Sameday dalam dan luar kota lewat Paxel 

You can send Eid packages easily and comfortably from home with Sameday Delivery Paxel. Create the shipment flexibly in the Paxel application by adjusting the estimated pick-up time and delivery time of the package as desired, then wait for Happiness Hero (Paxel Courier) to pick up your package directly to the package pick-up location according to your estimated time.

In the Paxel application, various features help your delivery activities, from checking delivery cost, checking AWB to tracking packages directly. How to use the Paxel application is also easy that complete with various features and a variety of payments ranging from Cash On Pick-up, Paxel Credit, and e-wallets.

Can be more efficient in sending packages

Kirim paket Sameday dalam dan luar kota dengan ongkir FLAT pakai Paxel 

You can enjoy Paxel sameday delivery services with affordable delivery costs! You can send Sameday packages intercity with FLAT rates up to a package weight of 5 Kg.

In addition to the affordable FLAT Paxel rates, you can save more on sending packages by taking advantage of the various updated Ramadhan Paxel promos that you can get the info directly on the Paxel application. Currently, you can enjoy Sameday delivery services with a wide range from Java, Bali, Makassar, and Sulawesi, as well as Sumatra.

Can Send Packages More Safely

Kirim parcel lebaran dengan aman lewat Paxel

With Paxel delivery service, you can send packages or food parcels intercity more safely and comfortably with shipping insurance, special handling of frozen food deliveries, and Food Safe Guarantee feature that is present in the latest version 2.2 of Paxel application.

Can Send Food or Send Frozen Food Intercity With Special Handling

Pengiriman Frozen Food atau Makanan Lewat Paxel

With the elimination of homecoming, this year doesn't prevent you from sending parcels, Ramadan needs as well as souvenirs from outside the city. You can rely on Paxel as a food courier service during Eid or Ramadan package couriers for delivery of Frozen Food packages and Perishable Food.

Paxel has special handling of food delivery by providing various cooling facilities ranging from Motor Box Freezers in the pick-up and delivery process (for certain corporate partners), Freezers or Chiller that save your packages during the transit process, and also Cold Trucks for shipments out of town.

Paxel can be your mainstay during Ramadan to send various Ramadan needs. The gathering continued by sharing parcels send by Sameday via Paxel. Come on, download the Paxel application to try sending Sameday packages intercity with affordable FLAT delivery costs!