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Ini Dia 5 Peran Penting Jasa Pengiriman Bagi Bisnis Online!

Importance of the Role of Shipping Services for Online Businesses

In addition to playing a role in helping the delivery of products, what else is the important role of delivery services for online businesses?

The development of technology is increasingly affecting the habits or lifestyles of today's all-digital. One of them is the development of the business industry where online business is currently experiencing a rapid increase with the support of a variety of online platform choices.

The increase is also based on the ease of starting an online business. By doing business online, we can easily start a business with minimal capital without having to open a physical store to promote product sales.

Many things can support the progress of online business that we are currently living in, one of the things that have an important role is delivery services. Delivery services become one of the things that we must pay attention to when running an online business.

With a good delivery process will certainly increase customer satisfaction that will have an impact on the development of the business we live. Not only increase customer satisfaction, here are other important roles of delivery services in online business.

1. Save Time and Cost

Happiness Hero Paxel is ready to pick up your package at your location

In running a business online, of course, there are many things we need to do ranging from creating content to be posted on online platforms, responding to customer chats, preparing orders, monitoring stock of goods, taking care of business finances, and other activities that support our businesses. By relying on the right delivery service can save us time on the delivery process.

For example, when we use Paxel Sameday Delivery Service delivery will save time in the delivery process without the need to go to the counter. We simply creating shipment from home in the Paxel application and there will be a Hero who picks up the package to our location according to the estimated pick-up time we specify when creating shipment in the Paxel application.

In addition, relying on the right delivery service also helps us in saving costs. Imagine if we have our courier in the delivery process that will potentially incur greater costs. By using Sameday Paxel delivery, we can enjoy affordable FLAT shipping costs for delivery intercity.

2. Deliver products on Time

Send Sameday packages via Paxel, you can send frozen food out of town!

In doing business online, delivery speed is the main thing that we must prioritize. Delivery speed is one of the benchmarks for customer satisfaction shopping at our online store. We can choose the right shipping service according to our business product delivery needs. For example, if we do culinary business online, we can rely on same day delivery. Paxel can be the right delivery service for culinary business people who often send food or frozen food. Paxel has cooling facilities such as freezers or chillers that keep frozen food packages safe until they reach their destination.

3. Ensuring Product Safety

Send packages via Paxel safely By using a delivery service, we can get security guarantees for the packages we send. There are shipping services that provide security guarantees in the form of insurance or guarantees. For example, Paxel provides insurance of up to IDR 10 million per shipment, special handling of Frozen Food, and the Food Safe Guarantee feature for food delivery. In addition to the security guarantees obtained when sending packages via Paxel, we are also given the convenience of checks rates, checks AWB, and tracking package status in real-time on the Paxel application or can be tracked through the Paxel website.

4. Reaching a Wider Market

One of the advantages of doing business online is its wider market reach. By doing business online, we can have customers who come from out of town to outside the island. In supporting this, of course, the right delivery service is needed to be able to deliver our sales products. A wider market reach can also be realized for culinary businesses to send food or send frozen food out of town, because there is now a Paxel delivery service that serves Sameday delivery intercity with a wide range area ranging from Jawa, Bali, Makassar, and Medan.

5. Increase Customer Loyalty

Receive packages from Paxel's Sameday Delivery service

Not only increase customer satisfaction, but timely delivery is also one of the reasons customers decide to return to shopping at our online store. By being able to deliver products quickly and safely can increase customer confidence in our business so that there is a sense of convenience to shopping again at a later time. Make sure it is supported by other important things ranging from quality products, our friendly and responsive service, to neat package packaging.

That's 5 important roles of delivery services for the advancement of online business. We can rely on safe and reliable shipping services or expedition services to support the development of our business.

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